XCOM Extended Perk Tree Editor for XCOM Enemy Within (vanilla and Long War)

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To make them load faster, these links make you start with an empty page. You can choose the standard values in the drop-down list on the pages.
(The links on the top and bottom also lead to the standard perk tree)

Note that the seed numbers usually are not compatible.
(Conversion tool available, link below or click the 2nd link below the table on each editor page)

Updated for Long War 3.0 Beta 14. Since this is way faster, I got rid of the old version. You can find the old pages here:old pages
Note that perks created for Beta 14 (at the end of the list) don't work with earlier versions.

I don't use Enemy Within, I just want to mod the XCOM Enemy Unknown - perk tree:
Original online tool for XCOM Enemy Unknown by Bertilsson (vanilla or with Long War, not working for Enemy Within)

I want to mod vanilla Enemy Within:
EW perk tree editor (vanilla)

I want to play Enemy Within with the Long War mod installed:
EW perk tree editor (LW 0.3 Beta 13+):

EW perk tree editor (LW 0.3 Beta 13+), re-sorted perks:
(I made this page for myself, but feel free to use it of course. I re-sorted the perks into new categories to better show what they are useful for.)

Seed Converter Tool: (see also 2nd link below the table on each editor page)

  • Converter Central (contains links to all converters, including the one below)
  • Converter for original XCOM EU Tool (this is the only tool that is not linked on the editor page, since that is not mine, so it gets a link here in addition to Converter Central above)

Base Planner (NEW): Base Planner

Stat Upgrades (not perk-related): (NEW): Stat Upgrade Editor

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